Malcolm Wright

Malcolm Wright

Welcome to the Scottish Government’s Children and Young People’s Health Support Group website.

The Children and Young People’s Health Support Group is an expert Ministerial advisory group on children and young people’s health in Scotland.

The Group focuses on the delivery of improvements in health outcomes and health services for children and young people. The membership consists of a wide range of representatives from key professional groups and decision makers, including from the voluntary sector, medicine, nursing, allied health professions, local authority social work and education, from services across Scotland.

The Support Group’s aim is to ensure measurable improvement in the provision of health care, health improvement and health outcomes for children and young people in Scotland. It provides expert advice to Scottish Ministers on the development and improvement of children and young people’s health and health services and supports the NHS in Scotland to manage implementation of national policy, strengthen local service provision and delivery. The Support Group also provides expert advice on workforce planning and development, national planning, integrated working and quality improvement. Another role of the Support Group is to act as a catalyst for the dissemination and implementation of best practice nationally, regionally and locally and supports the work of NHS Quality Improvement Scotland in developing and reviewing standards for children and young people’s health.

I hope you find this website interesting and informative

Malcolm Wright
Children and Young People’s Health Support Group